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Monday, April 6, 2009

SATURDAY: Happy 6th Birthday Christopher!

Happy Birthday Christopher!! We went to Christopher's 6th birthday party in WV at the bowling alley on Saturday. (Christopher is my nephew)
We had tons of fun... although my nerves were a bit rattled chasing after Brandon and Faith. They of course tried to run down the alley, who wouldn't?

My sister Angela and her honey Nelson

Brandon and Faith wonder why all those cute stuffed characters are trapped in the glass box.

Brandon bowls a strike (looks like it) with Jimmy - an old friend of the family.

Brandon like pushing the ball himself down the ramp.

My cousin's twin girls: Buggy and Gracie (Angelica and Adriana)

I was nervous ALL around! I was worried that they would get their fingers pinched between the balls. But they didn't!

Daddy helps Faith
(I was SO worried that they would drop a ball on their toes!! But they didn't)

YUM!! Cupcakes in cones. My FAVORITE!! I was on a diet and didn't touch.

Brandon, Faith and Zach loved their cupcakes:)

FINALLY! They sit still.

Scott bowled a couple of games with my Dad and Jimmy.

Zach bowled a lot with the other kids at the party.

Zach with Uncle Nelson

What a COOL spongebob ball!!!

The little ones eating pizza... don't ask me why my daughter is holding a knife. I think I was more relaxed by this point.
Alright, I have more pics... some pics of Christopher opening his gifts! They some how didn't make it to the blog when I was loading pics. I will add them later:)
Thanks for inviting us, we had a great time! Sorry I was so frazzled. I will be better in about 2-3 years.

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Katie said...

Man, I'm worn out just from reading this, so I can't imagine how exhausted you were!! It looks like you all had fun and I love the cupcakes in cones-- I've never seen those before, but what a cute idea.