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Monday, April 6, 2009

FRIDAY: Play Date/Visit

Woah! I haven't posted ALL weekend! I had a very busy and fun weekend! We will start with Friday. My buddy Jen came over and brought her niece Makayla. Jen came over to visit and to help me highlight my hair.

Faith tried on Jen's flip flops.

This is Makayla! Makayla has Cerebral Palsy. She is 5 years old and attends kindergarten. She is absolutely sweet and always smiling! She never fussed a bit. She was happy to hang out with Brandon and Faith and watch some kiddie shows on tv. We gave Kayla this wind up tv toy... she really liked it! Faith really liked her bean bag chair. When it was Kayla's turn to eat, we found Faith just chillin in the bean bag chair:)

Here is the finished product! Went from red to very blonde. Getting ready for the beach:)
Thanks for your help Jen and for visiting! It was great to meet Makayla and to see you once again. Bring Makayla back for a play date any time!


HCIC1211 said...

HEY WOMAN! Your page is VERY cute! Webbmania...LOVE IT! Your hair looks great! Came out pretty for Easter and beach's going to lighten up even more when you get out in the sun. Thanks for sending the link, the pics are ADORABLE too! Faith and Makayla are too cute. We can work on getting a pic with all 3 next time. We had a blast and thanks sooo much for having us over. Kayla LOVES the toy...I had it in the car all weekend and she just cheesed up everytime I gave it to her. You guys are great and can't wait to hang out soon!

Smooches...Jen and Kayla

P.S. Do you have a Wii? I want to try the We Cheer...Mr. Tyger has me all jealous and I'm ready to play! :)

Purple Patti said...

I told you the visit would be great. I am so glad they had the chance to visit. She is absolutely beautiful, exactly like my kids. I would have a hard time not spoiling her if she was in my class.
Love ya and miss ya.