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Monday, March 9, 2009

Weekend Review

I am feeling much better than I was. Just have some sinus problems and an ear ache due to the same sinus issues I am sure. Brandon seems to be fully recovered. Scott and Zach are well. Faith ... is not better yet, but is still happy most of the time:) She has been running a low grade fever all weekend. I will call the dr later this morning. We were LOVING the Spring weather all weekend long! Saturday we had a fun packed day. I took the kids to the mall in the morning. Came back for a nap and then we immediately went to the playground at Zach's school.

I could have taken so many cute pics at the playground but my camera died after this slide! After the playground, we went to Denny's for dinner and then our usual visit to Toys R Us after dinner:) It was time for bed when we got home. Brandon and Faith fell fast asleep and Daddy, Zach and I had a family game night. We played Sequence.

Sunday, I picked up Sarah and we went to a baby shower. Just us girls! It was nice to get away for a bit. I did take pics but left them on a different computer. Sorry! After the shower, I went home to gather the family to go outside. I just wanted to STAY outside! We talked to our neighbors behind us, they are really nice. They let the twins come play with their dog.

We hung out on the deck most of the time.


Zach and Daddy played football

In the evening we grilled burgers

Faith wanted to give mommy a heart attack by reaching up into the hot gas grill!

Monday (the last part of my weekend) was clean house day. Here is Faith eating waffles at the table like a big girl. What really happened: she took one bite, tore up the rest and sprinkled them all over the floor.

Faith really enjoyed helping me with the laundry!

Zach poses as I take a picture of the clean family room. Clean for the duration of nap time. This is the calm before the storm!


Karen said...

great pics! when you go to the mall, do you still use stroller/cart? or do you let them free? you are a braver woman than I! If I don't have the help of my husband, I won't go anywhere but the grocery store (and put them in a cart!!)

Anonymous said...

awe - they're getting so big. And more beautiful every day. Love you and miss you lots! ~Lucy~

GraceFromHim said...

You have a beautiful house! Great Pics :)

Ohh I can not wait to start being out on our deck! The weather here is still pretty cold!