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Thursday, March 12, 2009

OBX Here We Come!

We are going to the beach in MAY! YAY! Right around the corner. We tried to schedule a trip for this summer, but this is a new learning experience using our time share for the 1st time. It didn't work out like we wanted. So, we are going in May and Zach will have to miss a week of school. We have SO much to look forward to! My BFF Angel and her sweet daughter Katie are coming to visit in April - the week of Easter. Then we are going to the Outer Banks on May 3rd, the day after Zach's birthday! We invited my parents to come with us:) My Dad's birthday is May 4th so we will celebrate both birthdays while we are there!

This is where we will be staying

A light house in Kitty Hawk - where we are going

This is the gazebo and game room at the resort where we will be staying. They also have indoor/outdoor pools, a hot tub, a gym, tanning beds, a massage therapist and all sorts of amenities!

This is the pond where we can feed the ducks. Brandon likes ducks!

A picture of the grounds.
I am so excited! It was a spur of the moment decision. Basically go somewhere now or in the fall/winter. I rather go in the Spring. I go on another trip the 1st week in June to South Carolina to see Katie graduate. Yay! Like I said, lots of wonderful things to look forward to!


Angel said...

SO cool! That looks like a great place to spend a week! And Katie and I are getting excited about our visit! It's coming right up!

Sarah Bee said...

This looks amazing! And sounds like SO much fun! =] I'm so happy for you!

Suzanne said...

That would be Cape Lookout :) It is SO beautiful there! And we'll miss each other by a month! LOL We're going camping on OBX Easter weekend....
You'll have a GREAT time!

Karen said...

Looks amazing!! Love everything...cottage, grounds, etc. You will have a wonderful time!!

GraceFromHim said...

Oh wow looks like a lovely place! I am sure it will relaxing and fun for the entire family!!

Tiff said...

You'll have to give me some info about that resort!!! I have never been to the OBX and I have lived her for over 20years!!!