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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ultimate Blog Party 2009 WELCOME to WebbMania!

Ultimate Blog Party 2009

Welcome all bloggers participating in 5minutesformom's Ultimate Blog Party 2009!! I hope you enjoy your visit to WebbMania. My blog is not huge or famous, just a happy family journal I started when I gave birth to my boy/girl twins in May of 2007. Well I think it was July before I finally had the strength to play on the computer again, and WebbMania was born! I don't have any contests and I don't make or sell anything. I enjoy blogging and letting my family and friends know how we are doing. Blogging is very therapeutic! I do work full time and I work third shift so I am one tired woman. Some how I always manage to make time to blog! In the process, I have made A LOT of new friends! Some very very dear to me. I hope the UBP will find me a couple more great friendships. Always room for more!

We bought these cupcakes JUST to celebrate this blog party, however, they disappeared so fast! Seriously, I had plans to set up an actual cutsey party to take pictures of. Every time I turned around someone was eating another cupcake! Oh well:)

This is me and my oldest son Zach. Zach is 9 years old and he is a very sweet and smart boy. He is my first born so of course he has the permanent special place in mommy's heart:) He is my son but also a best friend to me. Oh - and he is an incredible big brother!

This is out little princess Faith. She is enjoying one of the blog party cupcakes.

Faith is a true girl! She has mood swings. She takes away her twin brother's toys, snacks, sippy cup, whatever he has.. she wants. She can be all "ME ME ME ME" and cry to be held. She is a Daddy's girl. She has Daddy wrapped around all 10 of her tiny little fingers. She is SUPER smart! AMAZING. She loves to go "bye byes" and she loves to TALK! She is a lot like her Mother. LOL! In addition to all of the above, Faith is so sweet and funny and gives many hugs and kisses every day. She melts my heart!

This is Brandon devouring his cupcake:)

Brandon is such a sweet boy! Just like his sister, he gives out hugs and kisses every day. He LOVES to eat! He is one heavy solid toddler. He likes trains and cars and loves to watch musical shows so he can dance. He is a little gentleman! He takes care of his sister. He brings her her snack and cup, and gives her hugs. He cries when she is a bully to him, yet even though I am sure he has the strength he never fights back! He likes to cuddle up with mom and dad when he gets a chance. Total sweetheart! ♥

This is me again - with my husband Scott ~ The Love of My Life!

We are truly blessed with our 3 wonderful children, our home, jobs, food.. we try not to take anything for granted. We have a very happy life! Sure we have ups and downs like everyone else, but I for one have never been happier:)

Check out my list of 100 things about me if you would like to know more!

There are SO many wonderful prizes to choose from in this party! Oh my. My top 3 favorites are:

#1 - $100 gift certificate to Pedal Cars and Retro by 5 Minutes for Mom

#21 - $50 gift certificate to Target by Agoosa

#89 - $100 gift certificate to HomeGoods by HG Openhouse

Other prizes I like include:

#19, #22, #26, #91, #123, #41, #42, # 68, #71, #88, #118, #119, #125, USC22, USC38, USC40, USC42, USC43 and USC56


KarenW said...

Welcome to the party! You have a great family. Thanks for the cupcakes!

MarieLynn Boutique said...

I'm just stopping by from the UBP! Nice to meet you! You can visit my blog at or my website! Have a great day!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Love the pictures..The cupcake looks REALLY good.

Just blog hopping tonight.

Stop by my blog for a visit. Though I am relativity new to blogging, I am loving all my new friends.

I am giving away my first EVER BLOG PRIZE.

I have a gift basket business and it is the most requested gift over the last 15 years.

From the comments I have already received, appears to be something a little different and something anyone could use.

I have been so touched by the comments that I have decided to give 2 boxes . They will be the $100 deluxe size. I really do want to bless people!!!

I have decided that giving is life at its BEST. The drawing will be Saturday!

Anne said...

Hi there, I’m stopping by from the UBP. It’s nice to meet you!
I’m having a giveaway on my blog- if you want to check it out!

Tara said...

Welcome to the PARTYYYYYY!!!! i love that i've met amazing wonderful women like you through blogging!! you are incredible! ♥

MommyAmy said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog for the party! This party thing has been super fun, and a great way to meet other bloggers. :) The first day I added like... 10 new blogs to my reading list. !!! Seriously, I can't keep up with the ones I'm already reading, but there were so many good ones I just couldn't resist! Like yours. :))))

Katy Lin :) said...

what a great party post! i love all of your pics! the cupcakes look scrumptious! :) - i think i spied a my husband rocks shirt, too, am i right? see you friday :)

The Princess said...

Hi found your blog via UBP. I love the pictures of your family and the cupcakes look way yummy! Enjoy the week!

•´.¸¸.•¨¯`♥.Trish.♥´¯¨•.¸¸.´• said...

hi Peggy
I have twin 2 yr boys, your children are adorable.
The cupcakes look divine.

I always love a good party! Happy UBP ‘09.
I am visiting from The Ultimate Blog Party to say hello and to check out your blog. I am looking forward to a fun week!!
Goodluck on winning a prize.


TrishMy Little Drummer Boys

CC said...

Totally cracked me up with your best of intentions regarding the cupcakes!!! Alas, yummies don't last long around here either!

Anonymous said...

HI! So nice to meet you and your family. Looks like you have lots of fun! Party hopping and participating too so stop in for a visit.

Anonymous said...

Hello! Poppin’ in from The Ultimate Blog Party…all the way from Queensland, Australia! G’Day! I hope you have time to visit my party soon.

I'm giving away Pink Champagne Shower Syrup from Jaqua Beauty...stop on over and enter! Ends April 8. Open to USA.


I want to invite you to the Mommie Daze Virtual Baby Shower that I am hosting May 15 to June 8. This is an international even and there are prizes! Stop by my blog for all the details.