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Thursday, March 26, 2009

My Church Commercials Start TONIGHT!!! Please tune in if you are local..

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Ok, I know I have invited probably every friend I have (locally) to come visit my Church. I was VERY successful when I invited Sarah alomost a year ago! Now her whole family comes to Church faithfully every week:) I have not been as successful with getting some of my other friends to attend, and that is ok, I am not pushy:) Well, I don't have to be pushy, cause friends - you are going to get a glimpse of the awesomeness! Here is the schedule... I think it will be hard to MISS one of these air times even if you don't actually tune in! There are HUNDREDS of time slots. I just hope I will still have a seat available for ME. That's right, I said it. I am selfish.

Get comfy on your couches and watch your favorite shows!

New Life Commercial Air Times and Dates

NBC 4 (3/26-4/2, 4/9)
Earl/Office Th 8-9p
Chuck M 8-9p
Office/P&R Th 8-9
Tonight Show M-Th
Jimmy Fallon M-F 12:35-1:35a
SNL Sat 11:30-1a
Overnight programs M-Su 2a-5a

Plus NBC On GMU Campus 4/1-4/10

FOX 5 (3/26-4/3)
Simpsons M-F 7-7:30p
TMZ M-F 11:30-Mid
AnimationDomination Sun 7-8p
Simpsons/King/Fam Sun 8-10p
Simpsons/King/Fam Sun 8-10p
Overnight programs M-Su 1a-5a

And then lots on cable shows during the same dates. - I mean LOTS!! I do have a larger list but it didn't format correctly when I tried to copy, so.. just watch some TV folks!

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