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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

100 Things About Me ~ A "Get to Know Me" meme for UBP 09

100 Things About Me

I have seen this meme around bloggy land and facebook, so I thought I may post it to help introduce myself to the Ultimate Blog Party!

Five things about my blog/name:

1.) "WebbMania" comes from Webb - our last name and Mania - well that speaks for itself:)
2.) I LOVE my blog name and can't believe I thought about it myself!
3.) When I created my blog, it was less than a year after I was married so I was still very excited to show off my new name! (I still am...)
4.) I use my blog as a virtual diary, keeping family and friends updated on our every move!
5.) Blogging has become my #1 favorite hobby.

Five things about life when I was growing up:

6.) My dad was in the Air Force so we moved at least every 3 years
7.) I was an only child
8.) I lost my mother to Diabetes when I was 14
9.) My Dad married again to my new mommy.. in 87 or 88?? I love my step mom and really never refer to her as "step"
10.) Since my parents' marriage, I received 3 sisters. I love each of them and their families! I enjoyed growing up as an only child and being a teenager with having 3 sisters. I got to see both sides:)

Five things about my family:

11.) I met my husband Scott at a company we had both worked for 6 years ago
12.) I was a single mother to my son Zach (now 9) and Scott loved Zach right away.
13.) Scott and I were married in the back yard of our first home on August 26,2006. Zach was our ring bearer!
14.) A month after we were married, I became pregnant with our twins, Brandon and Faith
15.) Last July we moved into our current home and we are enjoying life to the fullest, counting our many blessings!

Five jobs I had before I was married:

16.) Secretary at Olan Mills
17.) Cocoa Beach, Fl McDonald's employee! (Good Times)
18.) Advertising Sales Exec
19.) Conference call coordinator
20.). Account Support Rep - at the company where I met my hubby:)

Ten things I like to do (in no particular order).

21.) Blog
22.) Facebook
23.) Play with my kids
24.) Read
25.) Scrapbook
26.) Have a date with my husband (those are far and few between!)
27.) Cuddle in bed and watch tv/movies
28.) Listen to my IPOD
29.) Entertain friends on weekends
30.) Go to Church

Five of my favorite movies of all time:

31.) Grease
32.) Phantom of the Opera
33.) A Walk to Remember
34.) Beaches
35.) Annie

Five of my favorite books of all time:

36.) The NIV Bible
37.) The Millionaire
38.) Little Earthquakes
39.) Wizard's First Rule
40.) Twilight

Ten “favorites”:

41.) Pink
42.) Coffee
43.) Tim McGraw
44.) fresh flowers
45.) Cup Cakes (especially from Super Target's bakery!)
46.) Kraft mac n cheese BLUE BOX!
47.) Cereal
48.) Family heirlooms
49.) My job right now...
50.) Purses

Ten favorite verses/passages - Oh my, I am still looking for my "favorites" - I will have to come back to this one!

51.) 1 Corinthians 7:4
52.) John 3:16
53.) 1 Peter 3
54.) Psalm 119:50
55.) Matthew 19:26
56.) Mark 5:41

Ten things I don’t like:

61.) Spiders
62.) Rude people
63.) Cold weather
64.) Beets
65.) My weight
66.) Dieting
67.) Aggressive drivers
68.) snot and boogers ~ I rather change a poopy diaper than deal with that!
69.) worrying
70.) Math :)

Twenty random things about me:

71.) I am pretty outgoing
72.) I am a nervous person
73.) I love to shop even if it is at the $1 store
74.) I love to have fun with friends and family
75.) I work third shift
76.) I cook weird meals like scrambled eggs with spaghetti, or fried rigatoni noodles with cottage cheese and sour cream
77.) I want to take a class in photoshop
78.) I would like to learn HTML and JAVA - for better blogging:)
79.) I hate yard work. I don't garden.
80.). Because of my shift, I only get to sleep in my bed with my husband 2 nights a week!
81.) I lost my aunt to breast cancer
82.) I kinda enjoy watching Yo Gabba Gabba with my toddlers:)
83.) I LOVE chinese food!
84.) Twins run in my family but were still a TOTAL surprise to us! :) ♥
85.) I love the taste of beer.. it is my guilty pleasure
86.) I love to go to concerts! I see at least one or more big concert every year.
87.) The time I was a single mom living in my own apt was a very powerful and educational time for me. I grew up a lot and will never forget those memories!
88.) Having children was my true calling in life:)
89.) Even though I have toddlers, I dread the day my kids all move out:( What will I do with myself?
90.) I love Super Target. They have awesome shopping carts for my twins! That is my one stop shop for everything.
If I had ten silly little wishes (and there was nothing more important to wish for…)

91.) A housekeeper to come in every 2 weeks and clean from top to bottom!
92.) I wish I had a BEAUTIFUL singing voice
93.) I wish I had thick hair
94.) I wish I had a big fat savings account so my husband would not worry so much (like a couple million)
95.) I wish my BFF Angel lived in the same state again - or the same town even!
96.) I wish my father would live until he was in his 90s
97.) I wish I could have a date night out with my husband twice a month
98.) I wish I could go on a cruise with my husband while Angel watches the kids:)
99.) I wish I was thin and fit and could eat whatever I want without worry or hard work!
100.) I wish my husband would and WANTED to go to Church with us every Sunday:)
Hope we have some stuff in common!


Kate said...

HI!!! Lovely to meet you...thanks for stopping by via the party!!!! :D Yay, LOVE the movie Walk to Remember and Twilight?? Oh yes, read all four...have you seen the movie? Not as good as the book but's Twilight. ;) Have a great weekend!

MommyAmy said...

Awww.... We have a lot in common!

Twins run in my family too, and I distinctly remember a friend of mine in high school going on and on about how she wished she'd have twins someday and I remember thinking, "What a LOON!!!" And of course... here I am 12 years later, the mom of twin toddlers. lol I have twin aunts, and all my cousins think it's hilarious that I "caught the bullet" and they didn't.