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Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Weekend is FINALLY Here!!

I am so happy the weekend is finally here. What a week it has been!! Servicemaster was here again yesterday, ripping up floor. We have piles of flooring and debris in the back yard and in the driveway. I am sure our neighbors just love that! We will have to move it all into the garage this weekend and park a car in the driveway. (just until trash day) I took Brandon for a follow up appointment at the Drs office. He seems to be a lot better! Of course, now I worry about what they may have picked up while playing with the toys in the waiting room. We are looking forward to a night out tonight! We are going to see Scott's brother sing once again:) This will be Scott's first time seeing Gonzo's Nose. Thanks to Mandy, Scott and I are able to go out TOGETHER for the first time in 7 months I think. If there was ever a week we would need to get out, it would be this week!

Mmmm, look Mommy, I found some jello in the high chair!

peek a boo!

Vrrooom vrooom

Brandon loves to play with cars!

I will end this post with a few videos. After watching big brother play his recorder, Faith picked it up one day and started playing! The second video, Faith picks on Zach while he tries to play:)

Here are a couple videos of Mike in Gonzo's Nose. Can't wait to hear and see some live entertainment tonight!

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