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Friday, March 20, 2009

The Leprechaun - By Zach (4th Grade)

Chapter 1

In the land of Hyatt, the land of creatures, there once lived a leprechaun. His name was Agunkies. He was a very mad leprechaun.

Chapter 2

Agunkies always stays at home. Then a new creature came to the land of Hyatt. She was a Winged Lion named Helana. She moved into the house next to Agunkies. She was always very suspicious about Agunkies.

Chapter 3

One day Helana went to the city of the land of Hyatt to find out more about Agunkies. She found out from the creatures that Agunkies had a wife that died of a terrible disease one year ago. Helana went home.


Agunkies has noticed Helana and secretly loved her. He told Helana and they loved each other for the rest of time!

Chapter 5

But there was someone else who loved Helana! He was a flying unicorn named Aimus. He came there and kidnapped Helana!

Chapter 6

Aimus took Helana to Hyatt's main volcano. Then Aimus threw Helana into the volcano screaming I Loved You! Then right before Helana fell into the lava, Agunkies had grown wings and caught Helana. Aimus was so mad he fell into the lava! So Agunkies and Helana lived together in Love.

The End
Zach left this story for me to read before he left for school this morning.. I thought I would share!

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Angel said...

COOL story, Zach. Reminds me of Brian. He was very creative like that!