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Monday, February 2, 2009

Valentine's Day is Coming!

What are you doing for Valentine's Day? Many people say this is a "Hallmark" holiday or just another reason to spend money. I personally like Valentine's Day and always have! As a child growing up, my parents always made Valentine's Day special. Plus I just LOVED decorating shoe boxes at school to exchange cards. Now as an adult, I still enjoy Valentine's Day. It is an excuse to spend some extra special time with that extra special person in your life! Of course, I am carrying on my family tradition of making Valentine's Day special for my kids as well:) They will each receive a special treat. My plans for Valentines Day:

♥ Go to a spa for a European facial! (I received a gift certificate from my honey on Christmas - and what a great day to take advantage of it!)

♥Spend time together as a family

♥After 9 when the twins' go to bed - Zach can watch a movie in our room while Scott and I are eating Chinese take-out and watching the movie FIREPROOF!

I can not wait! I am saving that movie for Valentine's Day. It is so hard for me to do. They have been showing the commercial on tv.. and I hear how amazing it is from many people who have seen it. I have felt weak and wanted to rent it - but stopped myself to save it for Valentine's Day.

Only 11 more days. I can do this!


Dual said...
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Anonymous said...

Hello everyone!

Oh my gosh, how scary is it that Valentine's Day has come around again so quickly! Please, please, please make sure you sort out your plans in advance, otherwise there will be a mad dash to get everything sorted.
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GraceFromHim said...

Fireproof is sooooo good. Your hubby will really like it I think! Let me know :)


Sarah said...

Seriously I think Chinese take out is such an amazing part of so many romantic times with me and my hubby! =]

Enjoy Fireproof, can't wait to hear your review on it! We just watched it this week and really liked it, it put a lot of things in perspective!

Happy early Valentine's Day!