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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tackle it Tuesday - Hair

This week's tackle (which i am posting pretty late in the day!) was my hair. I needed my roots done. A few strands of grey was shining through! Well, I am on a budget so I spent the $7 or whatever it is for a touch up kit:) I thought just for fun - I would do my roots and follow up with some curls. I used the sponge rollers you can sleep in and wore them all night while I worked. Now, THATS a pretty picture! But wait - it gets better. Now, in my ripe age of 30 something, I care more about making people laugh than I do about my looks. Otherwise - I wouldn't post this! LOL

BEFORE - Look at those roots EW! Can you see the shiny greys? If you think this is scary - scroll down for more.

nice n easy - that's my style!
So, I applied the color for 10 minutes, washed and added my curlers. Off to bed for a nap and then work. I took out the rollers this morning and......

YIKES!! Scott is still a statue. How do you reverse the curse of Medusa?

AFTER - phew! I had to tame that craziness. I put it up in an updo. I thought "not so bad" until Zach came home from school and freaked out about my hair! I should punish him for being rude by walking him to the bus stop tomorrow morning:)


Susie said...

Great tackle! It looks really nice:-)

Sarah said...

haha...that was pretty crazy! But the ponytail is always a lifesaver in those situations, well done!

And you totally shoud have an apron they are SO cute and fun, and make you feel all woman-like and such! =]

jennbecc said...

FREAKING HILARIOUS!!! Glad it wasn't a perm and will wash out. *L* Thanks for posting...I needed that! *L*

Anonymous said...


I cannot imagine you doing this... Oh never mind YES I can!

Love ya!

Joanna said...

That was a good laugh Peggy - thank you! I think you look cute in the curls, but just wasn't something I was expecting!

Angel said...

Okay... I didn't think the curls were bad at all. IN FACT, I remember you having curls at one point or two! :-) Your hair is much curlier than mine at any rate. I got my haircut on Saturday and the girl left my sides uneven so I went back to get it fixed and came out with NO hair again. AUGHHHH.... I have NO curl in my hair... she cut it off. And I can't do a thing with it. I hope it grows out FAST!

Purple Patti said...

Wow!!! Now that is something I have never seen in your hair, curls. IT looks good. You should keep it up like that all the time. You look like Faith Hill. LOL.