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Saturday, February 14, 2009

MHR - Valentine's Day Edition!

Prompt/Theme for Friday, February 13, 2009

Tell the story of your first Valentine's Day together.

Our first Valentine's Day as a couple was in 2003. Valentine's Day was on Friday and we had planned to spend the weekend together. On Friday I went to see my friend Donna FIRST and then Zach and I were going to Scott's house for the rest of the weekend. It was snowing - pretty hard. As I was visiting - people were calling my friend and telling her about cars that were in ditches because of the snow. We agreed it was not safe for me to drive that evening. Scott and I talked on the phone and agreed Zach and I would come over the next morning. Well, the snow kept coming down... it turned out to be a bad winter storm!! If I remember correctly - Zach and I were STUCK at our friends' house until the following TUESDAY! Our friends were happy to have us there but I had cabin fever and wanted to either be stuck with Scott or in my own apartment. I was going CRAZY!! So, our first Valentine's Day consisted of a lot of phone calls. Tuesday I was finally able to get my car out and I had to go back to work. Scott was off of work that day so I stopped by to see him on my way. He gave me a big red teddy bear holding a heart that said "Forever Yours" and a beautiful card. I went to work with a skip to my step thinking - hoping - that he felt the same way as I did - that we were to be together forever!!! ♥♥♥

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GraceFromHim said...

Awwww....sweet memories!

I have been with Wayne since we were Juniors in High School. I love going through our notes that we wrote each other lol....but they do sound pretty funny reading them now.