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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Play Date - Feb 13th

I have a lot to blog about from the weekend:) I haven't had the time, and I still don't! I thought I would squeeze one post in before bath time for the twinkies. I joined a meetup group of moms with toddlers so I can get out in the mornings and meet some new people. My first meet up was Friday the 13th. It was fun - we met at the Chantilly Library which is HUGE! They had a room reserved and there was plenty of room for all the toddlers to run around. I have to admit - I felt a little out of place since I have 2 toddlers and the other moms had one. I had to take turns wiht my lil ones in making cards for Daddy and doing circle time. (although Faith wasn't interested in circle time any way!)
I met a mom who told me I should try several different groups to find the perfect fit. (uh - ok, she must have thought I was out of place too!!) I actually did find another one I am going to try - it is for moms of 2 or more toddlers. My area does not yet have a twins meetup group. But hey - I think I will feel more comfy with other moms that have 2 or more to chase after, twins or not!

I took a few pics while I was there. This is Faith hiding under the table?

Faith doing her own thing during circle time!

Brandon decided to sit at the table by himself

Brandon in my lap listening to a story

The cards they made for Daddy:) The green one is from Faith...
More to come later! I have some other posts to share and I want to catch up on all my blog buddies:)


GraceFromHim said...

It is nice to get out and to meet people in the community and let the kiddos be around other kids. We did that when Blake was little too. The library is where we would meet.

Peggy, I just can't get over how beautiful his eyes are! Precious children!

PS. Love your pic of you and hubby!

Courtney said...

Cute cards!