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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wordless Wednesday


jennbecc said...

Cute! And I see Scott's giant bottle of soda. *L*

Angel said...

That's funny! Is Faith carrying the bag from the toy store? :-)

Sarah said...

Very cute pic!

As a reply to your comment on my page...

Yes he did! Sausage, Pancakes, AND Eggs...I'm spoiled. =]

That's awesome...I love red. Especially in my kitchen. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my red teapot but didn't post the pic I took of it, maybe next time.

I did not make the sign, I love getting those at Hallmark, my husband bought it for me for my birthday last year. It made me cry.

I SO want a cricut, I used to work at Michaels...but I do not have one yet sadly.

My hubby used to have everything Scooby Doo before we met...we love board games so this was the choice, it was the first time I ever played!

I am going to post this on mine and yours because I'm not sure where you will find it. hehe I'm new to all this! lol Talk to you soon. =]