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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Random Stuff

Hey bloggy world! I have been SO COLD the last couple of days. It is currently 25 degrees. Our house is great - but it's cold. I can not turn up the heat any more because the gas bill is already INSANE! It is my highest bill. It is because we have poor windows - poor insulation.
Brandon and Faith frustrate me because they will not keep on their socks, slippers or shoes! ACK! Any hoo, Tuesday was a fun day. We went to get my rings cleaned and checked. We went to the Potomac Mills Mall in Woodbridge. It has been years since I had been there! Very big mall to walk the stroller around. Unfortunately, the jeweler found 2 cracks in my diamond (of my engagement ring) so my ring had to stay. They will replace the diamond since it is still under warranty. (just shy of 2 weeks I might add!) Oh well. At least I still have my wedding band to wear. We went to lunch at the food court - I ordered from Long John Silvers. Yum! The babies liked it too. In the evening when Zach was home, I took the kids back out to go to our old neighborhood. I had to pick up Zach's newly fixed glasses. (again, covered under warranty. Warranties ROCK!) Since we were over there, we went to visit our old friends and neighbors. We had a good time:) Wednesday was spent staying in the house. Zach left the house a few times. School of course, then he played with 2 different friends. He had dinner at a friends' house too. I missed his company, but I know he enjoys some time away.
OH and some great news about Zach. He made the 4th grade all A Honor Roll!!! We are so proud:) Here are some pics from the week ~

I actually added this pic at the end when I realized most of my pictures are of Faith. I don't mean to take more pics of her, it just happens!

Sometimes, Faith is quite affectionate! She hugs and kisses, she is so sweet!

Wearing her slippers for Mommy. As soon as Mommy left the play room, all slippers were off. Grrr!

Giving Daddy some love ♥

Heading downstairs to the playroom.

Brandon has been wanting to walk down the stairs like he is a big boy, instead of crawling down like we taught him to do! Not to worry, I don't allow him to walk down the stairs without my assistance:)

Bath pics! I know I have to be careful about posting bath pics. I do love bath pics tho! They ARE still babies. (kinda)
B & F love bath time. All I have to say is "time to take a bath" and they both run to the gate to go upstairs! We have to watch Faith because she has been known to get into the bath fully dressed while the water is running:)

Brandon likes to pour cups full of water OUT of the tub. So, we have to keep a close eye on that too!
Daddy is still the main bath giver while I get their pjs and stuff ready. We really do have a system! Scott and I each have our little jobs - things we prefer to do, and we compromise.


Karen said...

I know what you mean about the balance of pictures....when printing digital pics I always have to make sure I print an equal share of each twin :)
Love the that fire truck thing a tent??

Katie said...

We should have gotten together on Tuesday when you were over here!! Of course, I was at work all day and then at Dinner Done that night. Maybe next time, though...

Angel said...

Adorable pics! :-) Love the bath time ones especially... nice close-ups!