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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tackle it Tuesday

I tackled the entire house on Monday! I did all of the laundry and cleaned every room and bathroom. (Well, Scott cleaned our bedroom - but I did the master bath) I also tackled the twins' clothes. Their drawers were stuffed with clothes they have outgrown! I put all the smaller clothes away to sell or donate, and organized the drawers with their new clothes from the Holidays. Here are some pictures from a couple of my tackles. First is the play room. I do not clean the play room very often because it gets destroyed again within minutes! It is nice to do once a month or so, so I can clean out any trash that mysteriously came to play, or broken toys, or missing socks.



After I was finished with all of my cleaning and laundry, I decided to clean out a few cabinets in the kitchen.

BEFORE -hodge podge

BEFORE-too many cups!

BEFORE-again, too many cups!

I wanted to make some room for my new set of Coke glasses that I received for Christmas from my sister Patti. Thanks Patti!

I decided to put away the cups that match our dishes, and only use my favorite novelty cups:)

I made a lot more room for... hopefully more plastic containers!
What did you tackle this week?


Sarah said...

Wow look at you go! You did an awesome job...I should have taken a before pic of my living room! We FINALLY took down all of our Christmas stuff, [it's hard finding time when both of us aren't working and are motivated to do something other than hang out]and I rearranged my furniture something I was very proud of myself for...b/c I haven't ever done that since I've been married! =]

Have a great day!

Gabrielle said...

You are my hero!

Braedan's World said...

Hey Peggy- we sent you an email- I hope all is well!!

Susie said...

Awesome tackle jobs:-)

Tara said...

Doesn't that feel so good?! ♥

Faith said...

Good job on cleaning the cabinets they look great! Have fun reading Twilight, I love that series :)

GraceFromHim said...

Wow....looks great! This is a area I am working on....deep cleaning. I need the Lords help with this one, lol.

Purple Patti said...

I love it, especially the twins clothes. I wanted to do that one when I was there. I would have if I had more time. LOL!!!
Great tackles Peg. I also like this aspect of your blog and I might decide to copy it from you ok? Don't know what day I will start it though, but one day I will. Keep up the good work. Love Ya.

jennbecc said...

I tackled nothing....but good job BBBFF!! :)

Angel said...

WOW! You were so busy. I spent the day putting away my Christmas tree and decorations. I should have blogged about that, but I forgot to take pics before. I can't tell by the pic... have you tried any of your coffee or tea mixes?

Cherry's Jubilee said... are a great organizer! I soo need to do that to my cabs. It feels good to get rid of clutter. I enjoyed visiting your blog...first time here. cherry