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Friday, January 2, 2009

A Little More Christmas! Thanks Angel ♥

We received a package from my best friend Angel today! How exciting:) I snapped just a few pictures of the fun for Angel to see. As you can see, Brandon and Faith are wearing the same outfits as yesterday. Hey, they were still clean. And they still have those silly tattoos! Not any more, I washed them off at bath time. I was tired of seeing that little bull on Brandon's forehead!

Another present for ME!

I like to open my gifts carefully.

Ooooh, pretty! Is it me?

Zach took a couple pics of me opening my gifts too!

Angel spoiled us as usual:) Here I am looking at a 2009 purse calender which Angel made the cover ~ with my initial. I LOVE Angel's paper crafts. She also sent a bunch of treats! Candy, snack mixes, coffees and teas - each with hand made packaging. I actually took a picture of the coffees and teas along with the coffee mug and coffee scooper. I may have to load that picture a little later. I also received a beautiful cross necklace which matches a pair of earrings Angel's daughter Katie gave me a year or so ago! I will definitely wear the set to Church Sunday. I am looking forward to Church more than usual because Scott is coming with us:)
Angel also sent me a desk calendar. A permanent one that I can use forever! I love it. It comes with 30 inspirational cards. Today's message is:
"Thou has put gladness in my heart..." PSALM 4:7
How appropriate!

A snowglobe with the kids' picture in it. Faith was amazed by this:)

WWE cards ~ Zach's newest obsession!

Angel sent Zach some new clothes - which he REALLY wanted! We didn't buy him any clothes because honestly, he still has a lot of clothes from Angel that were sent last year! Well, after Christmas Zach told me he would be the only kid in school to go back without a new outfit. Not any more! (I knew it all along)
Brandon and Faith received some REALLY cute clothes too! They are set now. It is amazing to me! They were running out of clothes that would fit them and Brandon only had a couple long sleeve shirts and 2 pairs of pants, now he has lots of pants and long sleeve shirts! Faith also has a lot of clothes. Unlike Brandon, Faith can still wear some of her 18 month clothes. I can pack up ALL of Brandon's 18 month clothes! I love picking out their outfits. I wonder what they will wear tomorrow:)
Thank you Angel, Kevin and Katie for our gifts! We Love and Miss you!

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