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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year! 2009 WOO HOO!

Happy Happy New Year!
I am working and blogging:) Making some money and doing what I love, not a bad way to spend New Year's Eve/Morning! I actually sleep from 9 pm until 12:15 am when I work and I was woken up by the sound of Zach's cap gun and his yelling HAPPY NEW YEAR! How cute. He brought in the new year by himself as his parents and siblings were sleeping:) Earlier this evening I made us some shirley temples to drink. An idea I borrowed from my buddy Sarah! I cooked up some corn casserole and some appetizers to eat for dinner. I gave Brandon and Faith some kool-aid and chocolate covered marshmallows. It was like giving cat nip to cats. They were jumping all around! They were so happy:) I didn't get any pictures from the evening but here are a couple from earlier in the day.

Yes, that's right, I took a picture of our trash. LOL! Today was trash day and I wanted my family to see just how much trash we had from all of us on Christmas! A big shout out to Zach for taking out all the trash by himself. GO ZACH!

Sarah's daughter Jocelyn gave Faith one of her old doll strollers for Christmas. This is now Brandon and Faith's newest toys! Faith does push around her doll baby when she is not pushing her brother:)

Today was a relaxed day in our jammies.

My Grandmother's hutch as it should be... with her china on it! I love it.
We put away our Christmas decorations on Sunday and I just could not wait to place my Grandmother's china that I recently acquired back on to her hutch. Had to take a picture for my family to appreciate:)


Purple Patti said...

Wow I knew we had a lot of trash that weekend but I didn't think it was that much. That is too Funny!! Did they take it all?

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