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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

♥♥A Surprise Visit! ♥♥

My best friend starting from the 9th grade - Christy - came to visit me on her way back home to NC!! WOW was I excited!!! We had not seen each other in over 15 years. It was SO GREAT to see Christy, hug Christy and meet her family. I barely let the woman get out of her van before I was squeezing her! We were ALWAYS together in High School in Delaware, and we moved into our 1st apartment together in Florida when we were 18. Weekends in Delaware were fun as it was, but living on our own in Florida - now THOSE were some good times! Christy is now married to a very nice man and they have 3 adorable boys. We had lost contact with eachother for - what, 14 out of those 15 years, and it was sure cool to find out that we both named our first born Zachary! Christy had found me recently through the whitepages was it? I know she searched a lot of different places online. I just had to post this picture for my family to see:) Surprise!! It's Christy!
Hopefully, me and the kids will go visit for a weekend some time soon. It's only a 4 hour drive:)
Love ya Christy!


Purple Patti said...

HEY IT's Christy. I haven't seen her in years too. Next time you talk to her tell her I said HI!!! That was such a nice surprise. I like those kind of surprises.

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