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Friday, November 14, 2008

A Few Videos

A few videos.. the top two were recorded by Scott and the bottom one was recorded by me.

Brandon can FINALLY go forward on the ride on toys! Don't mind Faith's temper tantrum:)

The best part of this video is it is PROOF that Scott sings to the twins all the time!

We have been playing "ring around the rosie" It is best when we are all holding hands... but then who would hold the camera??


Greg & Joanna said...

Those were cute videos! Faith does patty cake really well, and yeah for Brandon on learning to go forward! We do ring around the rosies here too, but they won't do it solo (therefore making me dizzy!). B&F are looking so big, especially Brandon. He looks so grown up in these videos.

Braedan's World said...

So cute. I love the ring around the rosies video. Braedan is just walking but I think I will start trying this out soon. Looks like fun.

Angel said...

Love the videos!

Purple Patti said...

DANG! They are so darn cute. Growing up so fast.