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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

New Life's Women's Weekend

Women's Weekend - adj. & n. (fun) exciting. responsibility-free, a get-away characterized by the lack of testosterone present, as well as the abundance of estrogen on tap.

My Church is having their annual Women's Retreat and I AM GOING!!! It is held from 6 pm Friday Nov. 7th until 6 pm Saturday Nov. 8th. We will be staying at an Embassy Suites. I am going with and rooming with one of my best buds - Sarah. We are both super excited!

Not only are we promised:
relaxing and beautiful accommodations
3 yummy meals
fun times, deep times, laughter, tears and every good emotion in-between!
BUT I also will get the following:
Some time away from the kids
"girl" time
a slumber party with a close friend!
junk food
playing with hair
pedicures & manicures
SLEEP without interruption!

I WILL miss my family and I will wonder how they are getting along without me. I will probably call a few times:) Other than that, this is something I am REALLY looking forward to and I think I need this physically, emotionally and spiritually!


Angel said...

I am SO glad you are able to go!!! I've only been to one retreat and I "Worked" it so it's not a fair sample for me. One day I will go and just be refreshed! Love ya!

jennbecc said...

How great that you get to have some time away and get to have so much fun at the same time! Can't wait to hear all about it!

Courtney said...

Sounds like fun! I will be going the following weekend for our annual scrapbook retreat, so I'm super excited for kid-free time, meals cooked for me, hanging out with the ladies, etc too! :)