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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fall Extravaganza: Halloween Past

Today is day 2 of Tiffanie's Fall Extravaganza contest! Today's theme is: Halloween Past. Well, I found a few pictures from last year and one of the year before. Halloween has always been a fun time for me! Zach LOVES Halloween! He usually dresses up as someone or something scary.

This was my pumpkin from last year. It was a success! Let me tell you.... I have messed up A LOT of pumpkins in the past! I somehow get confused trying to follow those patterns and cut on the dots. Don't ask. :)

Last year was Brandon and Faith's first Halloween! Brandon was a monkey and Faith was a frog. They were both hand me down costumes and I loved them. They were nice and warm! We strolled around the neighborhood while Zach did his trick or treating.

Here is Zach with Brandon and Faith. Zach was an Evil Jester. I think he was scaring Faith??

And the year before - Zach was a punk clown. I liked this costume cause it was on sale! I was pregnant this year - I remember I did not want to walk around for so long - so when Zach had a good bit of candy, it was time to go in. Sorry hun:)

Zach's first Halloween - he was a lion

2nd - Elmo

3rd - Harley biker - this was by far my FAVORITE costume!

4th - Harry Potter

5th - Skull mask with dark cape

6th -Darth Vader

7th - punk clown shown above

8th - Evil Jester

9th - STAY TUNED! Halloween present will be posted on Friday during the Fall Extravaganza contest! JOIN THE FUN!!! Prizes are won EVERY day!


Tiff said...

Poor Faith! She looked frightened. you did an awesome job on the pumpkin! I love it!

Angel said...

wOW! i AM impressed that you remember all of Zach's costumes. I bet you won't in another 10 years. :-) I can not remember all of my kids costumes...just a favorite few. :-) Although I think Jake went as his dad (camo) several years in a row. :-)

jennbecc said...

Can't wait to find out what they're going to be this year. :)

Greg & Joanna said...

Look how cute B&F looked last year in their costumes :). Can't wait to see your Halloween pictures this year, it should be fun!