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Monday, October 20, 2008

New Coats for the Kids!

Ahhhh - so I have mentioned coats for the kids a few times. I was stressing a little because I needed to buy 3 coats on a VERY tight budget!! It was FREEZING this morning! We had our first frost. Zach went to the bus stop wearing a hooded sweatshirt! (He REALLY outgrew his coat from last winter. What a growth spurt he has had!) I told Scott - we HAVE to get coats today.
So we went to Wal-Mart. I am really loving Wal-Mart lately. Target used to be my favorite - but Wal-Mart is so inexpensive and has EVERYTHING! We found the coats above. The toddler sizes were $13. Now, I noticed at the used clothing store, coats were $8. So for only $5 more, we bought brand new. I am happy about that! Plus they are reversible! We also picked up some knit hats for only $1.50 each. Zach's coat was only $15!! WOW! I know for a fact that I bought a new coat for each of my kids while spending less $$$ than some people spend on 1 designer coat for one child. I feel GREAT:) In addition, we also bought a few other things including plastic pumpkins for Brandon and Faith's first real trick or treating night. I am going to have them walk up to a few houses before I strap them into their stroller:)

Here ya go Brandon, you have one too!

SSssshhh!! Faith doesn't know I have her pumpkin!

No sis, that one is mine! THIS one is yours!

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Angel said...

Great coats. Good job. WAlMart is so smart. :-)