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Monday, October 20, 2008

Menu Plan Monday! ~and a small weekend recap

How was every one's weekend? Ours was great - no plans which makes for an easy going weekend. Scott helped a friend move on Saturday and the kids and I just stayed home and had fun. Sat night I watched Living Proof . It was great! I cried a bit. Church was awesome on Sunday! Once again, something was done that I have NEVER seen done at any Church I have attended in the past! The kids and I were late. SO late in fact - that when I noticed the time as we were driving off I said to Zach - "we should just go back home, we are going to arrive 20 minutes late!" Zach said "NOOOO! Let's keep going! We will just miss the music." Zach was ABSOLUTELY right! When we walked in our Minister had just come out and said good morning! I am so glad I listened to Zach:) Apparently, as people were walking in to service (on time) they were handed a "bill". So later on the minister asked to take out the bills we were given. I noticed people taking out a play money bill. Then he pointed out that 2 people received a real bill and asked those 2 people to stand up. I thought it must have been a $1 bill, maybe a 5. He asked how the rest of us felt - envious? jealous? happy for them? wishing we were the one with the real bill? Turns out the "bill" they received was a $50 bill!!! THEN I felt envious!! And a little mad that I was late for Church! LOL The minister gave those 2 people an assignment. They each have to take that $50 and use it to help someone else - a stranger - in some way during the week. Then they are to email the minister and let him know what they did. He will then share those stories next week. Now that is cool!!!! That assignment represents so many things. One of which is TRUST! The minister and Church put a lot of trust in those 2 random people that they will be honest and take the $$$ and do the assignment. I am sure they will. God is watching! That is like money given to you by God to do something for someone less fortunate. I would enjoy that assignment. I can't wait to hear what they did! WOW.

After Church and my Bible study, we went to visit Nana and Grandpa. We finished watching the Skins BEAT the Browns 14-11. We all ate pizza... yum! It was a nice visit.

Now on to Menu Plan Monday!

MONDAY: Chili (perfect for our first COLD day!)

TUESDAY: Left over chili over pasta, rice or hot dogs

WEDNESDAY: Fettuccine Alfredo with Chicken

THURSDAY: Meat Loaf with Veggies



SUNDAY: Ham & Green Bean Casserole

What's on your menu?


Courtney said...

We are having beef stew this week too, only on Sunday instead of Sat. That is very cool about the $50 bills in church. I love neat stuff/lessons like that! You will have to let us know what the 2 people did with it- now I'm curious! haha

Angel said...

Church sounded cool. :-)
Your menu Sounds yummy. Do you eat chili? Or do you have a low carb alternative?

Anonymous said...

I do not like meatloaf !