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Monday, October 6, 2008

Beads - THANK YOU JennBecc and Grammy!

We received the beads we ordered from Jake & Zack's Grammy:) Thank you Jake and Zack for letting us copy your cool look! Thank you Grammy for sending us our beads, they are GREAT! (and there were plenty for two!)

Brandon prefers to just play with his instead of wear them. (he also likes to eat them?)

Now Faith on the other hand, being my little girly girl, wears hers every where! In fact, she sometimes takes Brandon's beads and wears them both.

Thank you Auntie JennBecc and Grammy!


jennbecc said...

AAAAWWWWWW!!! So cute! Thanks for the shout out and glad they like them!

Angel said...

So cute. The babies are getting so big!