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Monday, October 6, 2008

Menu Plan Monday and My Day So Far...

Oh my goodness! What a day I have had so far! First we lost Brandon's pacifier! It is like it has disappeared! POOF He had it this morning when I went in to give them some toys and start Barney and tell them I will be back soon. (I do not and will not get them out of their room prior to 8:30 - we are strict schedule people!) Then Daddy went in to get them up and played with them a bit in their room.. and we haven't seen it since. I have checked every where! Between yesterday and today, I have cleaned the entire upstairs. Today, I cleaned their room really well. No pacifier! EEEEK! Well, that was one of two pacifiers he will take (2 of the same kind ~ some mysterious one of a kind brand that a friend found at a yard sale) Luckily, we still have the other one HOWEVER, the one we have is the older and more used one while the missing one is the newer one with a lot more sucking left. LOL Good description? I know we need to ween him off the paci, but we are not ready.

Another HORRIBLE thing that happened this morning - as we were getting ready to go play in the play room downstairs, Brandon fell down the stairs! OH it was terrible. I was so upset. The memory of his little body rolling down the stairs and the "thud" sound as he hit each step is going to HAUNT me! Just as his last bad fall when I fell on the sidewalk haunted me for weeks. At least it was a short flight of steps and then there was a landing. So it was 6 steps total. Scott and I were both at the top and watched. We were just about to get in front of Brandon on the stairs - but we were not fast enough. Luckily, our little guy is ok. No bumps or bruises this time! He stopped crying really quick when we took him to the pool table to play - he LOVES to play with the pool balls.

On to our menu! I am still going strong without a major grocery shopping trip! But this is the last week:) (gotta go this weekend)

MONDAY: Burgers and BBQ Chicken on the grill

TUESDAY: Hamburger Helper


THURSDAY: Corn Casserole

FRIDAY: Pork Chops and left over CC

SATURDAY: Party/Appetizer food - we are having some friends and new neighbors over

SUNDAY: FFY* - left over party food:)

*FFY - Fend For Yourself
What's on your menu?


Angel said...

Oh no. Sorry about the fall AND the missing pacifier. I still look for those everywhere we go. Weird that we can't find them.
And I will always remember Brian falling down our stairs too. It IS haunting!

Courtney said...

Glad Brandon was not hurt too badly from the fall. Hope you find his pacifier soon.

Zach said...

FFY is my FAVORITE!!!!

Zach said...

FFY is my FAVORITE!!!! Brandon feels better

jennbecc said...

Oh gosh! How scary that he fell! And I read this right after Brian left the bottom stair gate open by mistake and I find Zack at the top of the stairs laughing his head off! Oh gosh....*shudder* I'm glad he's ok and hope you find the paci soon.