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Monday, September 22, 2008

Bananas and Home Safety

It's just me and the tots today! Well, until Zach gets home from school any way. We have had a great day so far. Lots of giggles:) (the twins have giggled some too!)

I fed B&F bananas and cereal for breakfast. Recently, daddy decided to give them the entire banana instead of cutting it up. So, I thought I would do the same - almost, I did break each banana in half.

Double fisted bananas!

"Eh, what's up doc?"

USUALLY, if we are hanging out on the main floor, I keep baby gates in both entrances to the kitchen. This keeps B & F in the kitchen and family room only. This way, they won't get into my office, the formal living room or dining room, and most importantly, they won't play on the stairs.

Today, however, I was in my office posting Menu Plan Monday while B & F were playing happily in the kitchen. Their happiness turned to fussiness, so I thought why not let them have some more freedom? I came up with the following "home made" baby gate:

This is Zach's stuffed whale. It does the trick! We also use this as a baby gate upstairs in the loft:)

While I am at it, let me talk about another GREAT home made safety feature. Our cushiony fireplace guard! This was Scott's idea. I didn't like it at first, but now I LOVE the idea! Instead of the almost permanent and slightly ugly cushiony fireplace guard sold at Babies R Us for $25, we use a folded comforter. This allows us to still enjoy our beautiful fireplace by putting the comforter away after the kids are in bed. Honestly, we only put the comforter away if we are having company:)
Personally, I think a comforter is BETTER than the padded strip you would use on the edges and corners. Even with those padded strips, kids can still hurt themselves on the brick top!


Tiff said...

Great saftey gear! I wonder if the large scooby doo will work on the stairs. LOL!

Angel said...

Aww... I like the pic of Faith sitting by the fireplace. She looks so sweet!