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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Apples & Fruit Snacks

Brandon LOVES apples!! Loves them! And our asian pears for that matter.. I guess any fruit that he can bite into. We of course keep a close eye on him to make sure he doesn't choke - but he does REALLY well! And he eats the whole thing down to the core. (we then have to take the core away) Brandon has been grumpy and very fussy the past week. I don't know if he has more molars coming in or not. I am afraid to check as he will bite me! (yes, I am afraid of toddler bites - they HURT!) Yesterday he fussed a lot! He was driving me crazy. I finally gave him this apple and he was the happiest little boy:) He walked around eating his apple for an hour. So - I will be buying more apples. Or picking the pears off the tree between shopping trips. Anything to keep the PEACE!
As you can see, Brandon has yet ANOTHER bruise on his forehead! He always seems to fall on his face and get these huge goose eggs on his forehead:( I try to put a cold compress on him - but he will not have it!! I even bought a cute purple monkey cold compress. He threw it on the floor. He seems to have a new bump every week. Just when it starts to go away, he gets a new one. Just in time for Church!! Between Brandon's bumps and bruises and Faith's DRY eczema ankles, I wonder what the ladies in the Nursery think about my parenting skills??

Daddy went to the store yesterday to buy a few things. He bought Brandon and Faith each their own box of fruit snacks. HOW CUTE!!! And how dorky am I to take a picture of fruit snacks for my blog?? Hey - last week I took a picture of pizza.

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Angel said...

I am sure the ladies in the nursery see lots of bumps and bruises. It's THAT age! I remember Kevin feeding Zach an apple and he loved it. They must be brothers! :-) Does Faith like the fruit? How was church today?