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Monday, April 21, 2008

Hospital for Children Specialty Center

Brandon had an appointment with a Neurologist this morning. For the 1st time, we felt as though we were dealing with people that really cared. They took the time to answer all of our questions. After checking Brandon and reviewing all the US films, they requested an MRI. The Ultrasound films show 2 of the 4 ventricles and they really need to see all 4 plus the rest of the brain. So, now we have to deal with Kaiser again to get a referral for the MRI. Also, Brandon will have to be put to sleep for the MRI to keep completely still:( They assured me a pediatric anesthesiologist will stay with Brandon and monitor his vitals the entire time. The MRI will determine if there is a blockage some where. Our next appt after that will be with a Neuro Surgeon. He will look at all the test results and we will proceed from there. We were told these appts should all be within the next 2 months. For Brandon, this appt was the best so far! All he had to do was sit up, stand, crawl around and play with toys while he was observed. A very special team of people work for Children's hospitals and Medical Centers. They make kids feel at ease no matter the age.


Jill said...

sounds like you are in exactly the right place for Brandon. It makes a world of difference when you like the Drs and people working with you. Because you know they care for your child and will do everything the best for him. Thanks for the updates.

jennbecc said...

Glad the appointment went well and that you had great people caring for Brandon. Nothing like a stressful time made worse by insensitivity. My very best thoughts and wishes go out to you guys.