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Monday, April 21, 2008

A Little Getaway

Friday I decided to take the kids and go to my parents house for the night, just to get away from the monotony of our routine. Scott works on Friday nights of course so usually the kids and I hang out at home. It was SO nice to get away and be with family. My sister Lynn was there for the night too. Her son Topher was at a sleep over. Although she missed him, she had a good time too.

Zach and his Grandad in the hot tub on the deck

Lynn and I tried to dance the way we did in High School. A few things have changed. Like if we try to get low to the floor... we can't get back up!

Mom sits back and enjoys the show

My Dad

Brandon and Faith LOVED the screen door and being able to look outside. Maybe our new house will have a screen door!

Zach took this picture of the twins after nap time:)

This is my Dad's bar. It's in a separate little building he built (with his Dad I think?) It's a lot of fun to hang out and listen to music. Of course I try and only hang out in here when the babies are sleeping:)

Now this is a really cool part of my parents house. (which was my Grandparents house) There is an old grave yard in front! The stones are from the 1800s. How cool is that?

I happened top find a "Margaret E" YIKES!!!!! (I am Margaret E for those of you who do not know)

We had such a fun time and it was really needed. We stayed from dinner time Fri night until dinner time Sat night. Then I found out I had to go in to work into D.C. that night so we hurried home so I could take a little nap! Thanks Mom & Dad for all the wonderful hospitality and delicious food!


Tiff said...

Sounds like a fun place. My best friend and my brother and I found a grave yard about that old behind her house when we were teens. It turns out it was the people that owned theland that the neighborhood was sitting on. My hubby wants a bar at our house!!

Jill said...

wow that grave yard is interesting .I don't know if i would want it in my backyard, but old cemetaries are interesting. WE saw some really old ones in Virginia when we were visiting and they are so cool. Especially the ones with the picture on it.