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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

House Hunting = TAKE 1

Today was our 1st serious day of house hunting. The other houses I posted about were models of new homes. We rather purchase a previously owned and upgraded home. So we now have a realtor and will be looking as much as possible until we put a contract down! We looked at 6 houses today. I have pictured our top 3 picks of the day.

This house is located on a nice looking street. To the right is a culdesac which I really like. This house was really unique. I should have taken pictures of the inside! There are stairs when you walk in to the upstairs, and a separate flight from the family room to the upstairs. The Master bedroom was huge and had a couple stairs that you walk down to get to 2 separate walk in closets and the large master bath. That was cool! The other bedrooms were spacious. There was a purple room with a butterfly border:) The basement is finished and has a pool table light already. There is some water damage on the ceiling of the kitchen... looks like it came from the washing machine upstairs. The backyard was great and fenced in. The deck was gorgeous. We gave this house a 7

This house looks kinda plain on the outside. (hard to see through the trees) Once you walk in the door, it is amazing looking!!! Beautiful painted walls.. different colors in each room. Hard wood floors and carpet. A fireplace. (they all have fireplaces) A HUGE backyard and deck and a brick patio. All fenced in. Finished large basement. Great bedrooms. We gave this a 9.

And now for the GRAND FINALE of the day... Drum roll please....







OMG was this house beautiful!! I took many pictures, but decided not to post them. I don't think it is practical for us. This family either has a landscaping/gardening business or pays a professional! There are flowers all around the house. A weeping willow on the side, decorative stones, 2 sitting areas in the back so you can just sit and admire the beauty. As you can see the front porch has a built in gazebo. I loved this house so much and it is very affordable! It was so clean and neat inside. Very well kept. All of the rooms were beautiful. It looked like it was a resort. 2 Issues: The master bath was small, and they removed the tub to put in their washer and dryer in the bathroom. Next issue is the 4th bedroom is downstairs in the basement. We have been looking at basements with a separate room and 4 bedrooms upstairs. We want the separate room in the basement for a playroom. So in this house the twins would share a room for 5 years or so and then Zach could move into the basement room. I was on cloud 9 about this house and freaking out saying "someone's going to take it!!!" Oh yeah... this house is on a culdesac. SIGH so nice. Scott brought me back to reality. We would kill all of the beautiful landscape. The rooms are smaller than what we have seen so we would move from one cluttered house to another. This house deserves a couple into gardening with older or no kids. LOL

We gave this house a 10 but I will drop it down to a 9 1/2. A "10" should be a house that has all of our wants and needs!

House shopping TAKE2 is coming your way this Friday. Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

WOW! I'm jealous ;-) They are all so beautiful. I only need three bedrooms! Can I have one of these? lol . . . ha ha ha - i know. I will be back friday for my update ;-) ~Lucy~

Courtney said...

They all look lovely! Wow, out of my league though, I'm sure! lol