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Sunday, December 16, 2007


Welcome to this weeks SON day! We went to breakfast at golden Corral today and it
was pretty good!

Everybody knows That We LOVE Redskins! We might go to the SUPER BOWL, If we get lucky.

This week on the Brandon report - he has smiled so much and scooted around and chewed on his bibs. By the way my mom gave him a little bit of my capri sun! Thats this week of the Brandon report.

Have a great week!


Mommy said...

Well, WE won't be going to the Super Bowl, but some lucky football teams will!

Oh, Brandon also rolled on Faith's head and he chewed up some wrapping paper.

Angel Wilde said...

I love SONday! I love hearing what my favorite kid in the whole world has to say!

Angel Wilde said...

PEG.... Will you please send me this pic of Zach and the babies? It is SO good. I love it!

Jill said...

OUr friend used to play for the REdskins a longg time ago. He was an offensive lineman I think. :) But he hurt his knee really bad and couldn't play anymore.