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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Christmas Memories

First, let me say someone granted my wish and lifted the block on blogspot so now I can continue with my blogging addiction while at work. :) For those of you who don't know, I sometimes go hours without a phone call so its not like I am a slacker! I want to post some Chrismtas memories before Christmas gets here. My 1st memory is Christmas in Iceland at age 5. This is my first memory because it is as far back as I can remember! Being 5 I was still pretty small and I seemed to fit well underneath the tree. So, I can remember my favorite place to hang out would be underneath the tree, with all the beautiful lights above me! I was so excited wondering what all my wrapped presents would be. That particular Christmas morning, I can remember 2 gifts I received. One was an artist easel with paints. What fun for a 5 year old! The other was a doll AND best of all, a cradle for my doll. I think my dad still carries a picture of me from this Christmas in his wallet. I am holding 2 oranges (from my stocking) and the cradle and doll is in the background. After all of the presents were open, I went right back to my beautiful lit up "fort" underneath the Christmas tree, this time with all my new toys:)

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Greg & Joanna said...

Wow, your tree is beautiful! And what a great memory to have, that makes Christmas even more special.