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Monday, December 17, 2007

Guess Where We Are Going!

Give up? Massanutten!! We actually agreed to do one of those "time share" presentations for a weekend away at Massanutten. I don't like to ski as I am horrible at it. My dad sent me on a week long school ski trip to AUSTRIA!! How cool is that? A week away from my parents. I was miserable. LOL My favorite times were lunch, dinner and bedtime. Oh, and the last day because instead of skiing, we went shopping! Any way, I have not tried to ski since. Lucky for me, we will have Brandon and Faith so I won't have to ski. But there are lots of other things to do! There is an indoor water park. I love water parks! There is even a little kiddie water park where we can hang out with the babies. The resort also has a spa:) Oh, and snow tubing! I do like tubing. So, Scott and I will switch off doing things with Zach while one of us stays with the babies. It may be fun. We also get a voucher for another vacation to use within a year. (another time share presentation I assume) Either Orlando or a cruise to the Bahamas. On 1 hand, it wold be nice to go on a cruise (its just for 2 nights) maybe around our anniversary... but we would have to get a sitter. OR we call ALL go as a family to Orlando and go to Disney World! Zach will love it and the twins will forget all about it. LOL
We are going to Massanutten the 1st wkend in February:)

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Angel Wilde said...

FUN! If you buy my plane ticket, I will be your sitter. LOL