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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Santa and Lunch!

Today, I got the twins all bundled up so we could walk to our Community Center to see Santa.

Zach skates while it takes me 10 minutes to get the twins ready to go.

Here is Santa and Mrs Claus! Brandon looks a bit freaked out and Faith just stares at Brandon.This was an excellent oppurtunity! Photos with Santa at the mall cost $20 after you camp out in a 3 hour long line. Here we were in line for 10 minutes and I took the picture for free with my own camera:) I love it!

After visiting Santa, I decided we should stay out and have some fun. I have a shopping center in my neighborhood with a few stores and some good restaurants. Not good for mommy's pocket book to have everything right there! So I decided we would walk to the shopping ctr and we stopped at Walgreens first to buy $1 bottles and I bought a container of ready made formula. Then we walked on to Glory Days for lunch. The babies were so good! Even some of the customers pointed that out.

This is how I feed the babies out in public when I do not have my hubby or a friend with me. I know I look silly with the hat on, but it was cold outside! Once you put a hat on, you have hat head so it has to stay on. LOL Lunch was great. I had a philly cheesesteak and Zach had chicken fingers. Zach plays video games there and he won me a Virginia Tech keychain. I LOVE it!! I was so excited that he won something for me:) When we headed back home, it must have dropped 5 degrees at least! It was freezing! I am pretty sure I did a good job bundling up the babies, but I still felt bad that they had their faces sticking out.

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Jill said...

That sounds like such a nice day out! And great that they were so well-behaved for you! Must be nice to have Zack there to help out. :)