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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Mesh Feeders

Funny Face!
I FINALLY found these mesh feeders I have heard so much about! They have handles for the babies to hold and little mesh bags that you can put fresh solid fruits or veggies inside that they can suck on without choking. I tried it with bananas. It was fun and it kept them happy for a while. I can't wait to try some more foods. Maybe some natural sugar free frozen fruit pops or something. I bet that would feel good since they are teething.


Jill said...

You could buy some frozen fruit (like Dole) and put it in the teethers too! I LOVE frozen fruit - you can thaw it or use it frozen. And it is as nutritious as fresh :) Cute pictures!

jennbecc said...

We have these. The boys don't seem to understand them. *L* I've only tried a few things...I think I just got them too late since they are already starting to eat chunky things like cheerios, rasins, peas...stuff like that. I hope they work great for you!

Cool Hat BBFF!!

Angel Wilde said...

These look fun. I bought the babies something to eat with. I have never seen before. It will be in the After Christmas Package. :-)