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Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas Memories

I have a few Christmas memories from living in Germany when I was 11, 12 and 13. My memories are kind of all combined together:) Germany is the most beautiful at Christmas time! The villages are so decorated with lights all around. The church bells ring more often. Yummy Christmas treats and baked goods are sold every where. Vendors are on the streets selling handcrafted ornaments and nutcrackers. My all time favorite gift in Germany was my 1st Cabbage Patch Doll! It was sometime in the 80s when Cabbage Patch Dolls were a MUST have and parents fought each other to get to the shelves. Well, nothing can stop the magic of Santa Claus! When I woke Christmas morning, there sat, in yet another cradle, was my baby boy cabbage patch doll. He had brown hair made of yarn and big brown eyes! His name was Barthram Terrance. Soon after that year came Carrie Agatha. She was a preemie. LOL
And guess what? When you have your own cherished memories, you usually want the same for your little ones even though their likes might be different. I bought the twins - boy/girl twin cabbage patch dolls. Their names are Chandler and Katie. :) Any one else want to share your cabbage patch doll names?


Angel Wilde said...

I have NO earthly idea what my cabbage patch kids' name was. I don't even know what Katie's was! How do you remember that stuff?

Greg & Joanna said...

How funny! I remember some of mine. Christopher, Sharon, and Owen (he was a preemie). I bought a newborn cpk for my niece for Christmas, I can't wait to buy one for the twins.

Germany looks beautiful at Christmas time!

jennbecc said...

I never had a CPK doll... :( parents never wanted to fight the crowds for stuff like that. They bought what they could get their hands on easily...even if it didnt fit or was for the wrong gender. One year, I got a size 3x flannel lumberjack shirt and a set of funnels from my Dad. I was 12 I think and I wanted neon everything! I was like..."What is this stuff?" He thought it was hilarious....I however, a preteen, did not. Now...I think its funny. My Dad's a geek! *LMAO*