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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Day

Our Christmas was wonderful! Although I did not take very many pictures:( Can you believe it?? What was I thinking? I do not have any pictures of the babies opening gifts! Scott bought us a digital video camera so we have everything on video. Once I figure that thing out, I can post videos on my blog. Plus I can always save still shots from the videos. Scott and I fed the babies while Zach looked through his stocking. Then Zach passed around presents. We usually take turns opening a gift so we can all see. We had the "yule log" on TV with Christmas music playing:) It didn't put off much heat tho! Around noon time, my in-laws came to visit. AGAIN, I didn't take pictures!! UGH! We did presents first and then ate left over Christmas dinner from Christmas Eve. Scott's mom brought salads and rolls so we could make sandwiches with the left over ham.

Brandon & Faith did figure out how to empty their stockings! Every item went straight in the mouth.

This is my favorite!! Scott's mom met a lady that hand paints furniture. She is so talented obviously! This is a little table and chair set for Brandon and Faith. It is so detailed, colorful and fun!

Sitting at their new table. Brandon is not so sure about it...

The same woman made this box for Zach. It is so cool! It will serve as his own treasure chest. He can keep all of his favorite things in it. Of course, the box is painted in Redskins colors!


Jill said...

that table is fabulous! I will need to try to paint something like that when they are older! Very cool!
Hope you had a nice x-mas!

Greg & Joanna said...

I'm so glad you guys had a great Christmas! We turned on the "yule log" too :).

Angel Wilde said...

Ok.... I am sure you can tell I am finally catching up on my commenting! Although I did read your blog every day. Katie showed me every time you updated! She checks your blog several times a day you know! I LOVE the pics of your babies. I am SO SO SO happy you have a blog so I can feel like I am watching them grow up. They are really changing though and I can't wait to see them again! Kevin had some ideas about our trip! Call me tomorrow!!