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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

What Did You Get?

Angel and I thought it would be fun to post our gifts on our blogs. We thought it would be interesting to read about what other people received. Or maybe just a favorite gift or 2. Of course Christmas is not about presents, and I am always filled with spirit at Christmas time and I know the true Reason for the Season. This is just for fun. I tried to take a pic of our family's gifts. I seem to have left out most of Scott's. Not pictured is his lounge top massage thingy (it's in his chair, probably under his butt LOL) He also received a couple sweaters and a new leather coat. Zach and the babies were a bit spoiled. Well, we were all spoiled. This is the last "spoil" year as we believe next year the twins will have wants of their own. A few gifts I would like to highlight are:
A Coach bag - from my dear friend Kristin!
The Cricut cutting machine! (from hubby) Can't wait to play with this.
Christmas candles from my Dear Son Zach! He bought them with his own hard earned $$.
Headphones for my ipod (from hubby) They sound GREAT!!
A BEAUTIFUL Swavorski crystal snow flake from my Dear Mother In Law

This watch from my hubby and my CHARM BRACELET with charms from my sweet sweet thoughtful hubby!! Shown first is a May birthstone charm since all 3 of my kids are May babies:) Then a little picture of Faith in a heart, a little monkey for Zach, b/g twins, a picture of Brandon.. and the last 2 are charms I bought myself. The cross says "Laverne" for my Grandmother and the circle charm has my initials. I will be looking for 2 more charms. A pink ribbon for my Aunt Ellen and an Angel for.. ANGEL! Hmmm, maybe 1 more with something about Scott. OR Scott and Peggy. Something....
Also, I must admit that I have really been enjoying a couple of Zach's toys. He received the remote control helicopter by air hogs. OMG, it is SO fun! I think we need to get a couple more so we can be competitive:) The babies love to watch the helicopter too! My dad would love this toy. That would be a good bday gift. And the Rubik's Revolutionary... can't put it down!

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Angel Wilde said...

Awww... Love your gifts. Did you see my faves? Of course, it's always exciting to remember we still have eachother's gifts to open. I am still very glad we do it that way! Aren't you?
Is your bracelet gold?