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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Eve

This is our "before" picture:)

Faith sits at the table to help Mommy wrap gifts. Brandon swings in the background.

Later that evening, Brandon rolled on over to the tree to inspect the gifts.


Tiff said...

THat table and chairs set is the cutest thing i have ever seen!! And by the way. . .I'm all talk when it comes to creativity. When it comes right down to it and I try to make things or package gifts really pretty, they never turn out very well. Not sure why. LOL

Angel Wilde said...

Your babies are the most beautiful babies EVER! (except maybe mine of course but that was a different baby decade so we won't count that). LOL I love Faith's bright shiny eyes. I should call her Bright Eyes instead of Sweet Pea now. I hope Brandon still wants to be my Cuddlebug!