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Monday, August 13, 2007

2 Month Check Up SHOTS!!!!

Brandon and Faith had their 2 month check up today. A little late due to scheduling as they are now 2 mnths and 2 weeks. Above is their "before" picture. Before they knew just what was to come!!!

Brandon weight: 12 lbs 7 oz Height 24"

Brandon did not like his shots AT ALL. He cried and cried:( Poor baby. He looks a bit pale here compared to his before picture. (could be the lighting tho) He is not interested in having his eyes open either. He was tortured at his appt. Before the shots, they pulled back the skin on his penis as it was trying to seal over the purple ring. (sorry for the visual guys) I had no idea that could happen!! We have to pull the skin back at least once a day. We thought we had been at bath time to clean him, but apparently we didn't pull it back far enough. His nurse believes in the rectal thermometer so he also had his temp taken with the rectal thermometer. This was all followed by his shots. Not a good day for Brandon!

Faith weight: 10 lbs 9 oz Height: 23"

Ok, so this is just funny!!! Faith is all smiles afterwards. Were the drugs that good Faith? Faith saw a diff Dr who did not believe in the rectal therm so her temp was taken in the armpit like normal. After each shot she cried, but only until Daddy picked her up. (She is a Daddy's girl)

She does have a little bit of reflux so she was prescribed some Zantac. I was so relieved, cause sometimes she spits up so much that she chokes and struggles to breathe. I have been so worried about her choking, especially when I am working nights and have no idea whats going on at home! I pray every night that she will not choke all alone in her crib. Hopefully those worries are behind us now. Who am I kidding? They will be replaced with new worries:)


Angel Wilde said...

Oh, my little cuddlebug looks so sad. And SO big. I miss my babies. AirTran has a great sale going on. I am hoping Kevin decides I should come be your sitter for a couple of days. ;-) Love you!!!

Aunt said...

i can not believe she is such a smiler! they are to cute!!!!!!!!!!!!

SB said...

your babies are beautiful, Peggy. I feel for Brandon. NO ONE should use rectal thermometers. that mean doctor should have his own temp taken that way....see how HE likes it.
They are growing like summer weeds!