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Friday, August 10, 2007

Pyramid and Picture Created by Zach

Zach wanted me to post his pyramid that he built on my blog. He also took the picture. He is pretty good with my camera! This is all the baby food we bought with our Target coupons. We will be buying more before the 15th! So I still have this pyramid in my dining room. Why? Cause I don't have any where else to put all this food!! I have to clean out my pantry and get rid of food that we never eat. (I will give it away, not throw it away) The babies might have to have 2 shelves all to themselves. Regarding the twins, last night was a good night. I was off from work and the babies actually slept! They woke up for their 4 am bottle of course, but they went back to sleep. Mommy got some sleep!! I had 6 hrs in a row! So today I am trying to battle my long list of things to do. I have taken care of some insurance issues over the phone. The hospital billed the wrong insurance company for the babies. Cluster! And I purchased Scott's Anniversary gift. Yay! The 1st Anniversary is "paper". I think it will be fun to follow those old fashioned guidelines. I will have to look online for the list, because I have no idea what comes after paper. I would tell the world what I bought, but there is an off chance that Scott may actually read my blog. (very off chance)
Well, Brandon is crying and I need to clean as much as possible before the 5:00 feeding. Later Bloggers.

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