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Monday, August 13, 2007

Getting Things Done!

We are tackling our "to do list" that I have been feeling stressed out about. Doesn't it feel good to get things accomplished?? Of course, you don't see me pictured any where doing things, but that is only because I am holding the camera!! I am getting caught up on laundry... slowly. Scott and Zach cleaned out the hot tub (above) and I changed the filters. I will fill the tub today and add chemicals and turn it back on. We are getting it all ready for the upcoming great hot tub weather! Well, in my opinion. I think the hot tub is AWESOME in the fall when it starts to get cool out. When it is cold enough out to see all the steam at night. That is the best! I didn't get to use the tub last year since I was pregnant from Sept on. Prior to that I must have been too busy planning our wedding or something:) The tub should be ready for Zach and I to test it out this Friday. Zach is excited.

We also worked outside weeding and cleaning things up FINALLY. We planted some flowers on Mother's Day and neglected our landscape "patch" ever since. (Could we have been busy??) Since the babies were born, a million different kinds of weeds moved in and made a home. It took us 2 days, but Scott and I found the time to weed, plant and put some new mulch down. We also bought bricks for a change of scenery.

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