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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Thrifty Shopping

My dad and I talked about shopping at local thrift stores today and I thought I would post pictures of my "treasures". My dad is in Texas and I guess their local thrift store or Goodwill I think it was - has 50% off Wednesdays. Well, my Salvation Army has 25% off Wednesdays. Not as good as 50%, but still good. I bought the 3 shirts pictured above for myself. I generally never even look in the adult section :)

My little Faith made out like a bandit. 4 pairs of jeans, 7 shirts, 3 nightgowns and a pair of silver blingy converse.

Blingy shoes- on a sad little Faith. Her friends were playing with older kids and not her. All the kids are older than Brandon and Faith. This happens sometimes.

Brandon got 4 shirts and a pair of converse.

Wearing his new converse hightops and a VT tshirt because Daddy went there :)

Poor Zach wasn't with me and I never find anything for him because he wears adult sizes now and nothing in the mens section looks cool enough.

I think the kids have enough clothes until spring and summer shopping time!

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