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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Love Those Personalities!!

Brandon and Faith have such different personalities - and they are both just darling to the core! Pictured here they are doing a "Wonder Twins Powers Activate" action which they learned from a Super Friends DVD they have. (That show ran from 1973 to 1986)

Brandon says and does so many funny things. I can't possible remember everything, but here are a few cute recent quotes.

  • In Starbucks drive thru yesterday when the lady asked if I wanted anything else, Brandon shouted "a cheeseburger"!

  • At Church Sunday morning, Brandon went up to my good friend Sarah and said "hello beautiful"!

  • The other day, as I was sore from a recent work out, I said something like "I am walking upstairs like an old lady" and Brandon said: "You can say that again"!

Faith has a new fascination with dancing. A fascination that may cost us money as I think I need to enroll her in a dance class. She loves music! (especially "girl" music) She has a little plastic baton with a ribbon at the end and dances all around, swirling her ribbon like in the Olympics. She has rhythm too! She shakes her butt and has a cat walk. She sings to the songs. She has her own ballet type movements - we have no idea where she gets it? But I don't want it wasted. I must look into a class. She loves to play hard, get dirty, play ball, run fast - but she is also such a girly girly girl. So much into purple and pink, butterflies, flowers, hearts and sparkle! Princess dresses, tiaras and wands. She loves to wear jewelry. She has her own "fancy" bottle of Avon cologne and she sprays it on every day. Oh, she LOVES pegasus's and unicorns and believes them to be real. She likes the same ol movies I liked as a young girl. Pete's Dragon, The Last Unicorn, Annie, Mary Poppins....

Oh and she loves her daddy as much as I love my daddy. I am second to him :) I don't mind, because watching that love warms my heart ♥

Brandon and Faith made up a sweet little game. It is the cutest thing ever, It's called "waddle".

They change their voices like little squeaky cartoon mice and they say "WADDLE"! And they actually waddle to eachother, then hug and say "i love you waddle" and kiss eachother on the cheek. They like to play this game in public stores for some reason - and it makes me proud that they are so loving in public.

I can blog a big ol post about my young handsome Zach too, but I will save that for another day :)

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