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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thank You Angel and Fam!

We received our Christmas in February package from Angel! I have their package sitting right here in my office. SEE?????? I always seem to send mine out second. I was so close this year tho, I think it can go out tomorrow ! The kids were so excited to get the big box on the door step. They tried on their clothes, stuffed their mouths with candy and played with the monkey and frog pictured above! (Faith named her monkey - polka dot stripes)

All 3 kids got a pair of ear buds! I was especially excited that Zach got a pair. Now he can stop using my good headphones when he is on the laptop. I wasn't sure what Brandon and Faith would do woth theirs, but they quickly showed me! They tried them on their Leapsters, my phone and my ipod.

Brandon loves his ear buds so much, he wanted to wear them even when they were not plugged into anything. The removeable rubber ear piece fell off and he about had an emotional break down thinking they wee broken. I quickly fixed it and he was happy again. He asked to wear them during dinner. Who would have thunk? Not me. I never even thought about buying those. Great idea Angel!

My Boys ♥

They were both thrilled to get a pair of basketball shorts! Zach was happy because he really wanted a new pair and I failed to buy him a pair for Christmas. Brandon was happy because he wants to wear or do anything his big brother does!

I should have waited and posted a picture of Scott and I wearing new shirts too! But I'm always behind the camera and Scott is always in his office. (our room)

He is super excited to go book shopping!

Something else I do have is this video:

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