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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Flowers from My Guy

The other day, Scott said he was going to run to the store for some milk. I immediately thought:

Oooh! A trip to the store! What do I want??

Then I told Scott that I felt like I wanted something, but can't have anything I really wanted. Can't have beer and can't have cupcakes. (or I choose not to) So I said, never mind! Guess there is nothing I can have from Giant!

Scott came home with tulips :)

They showed me he loves me, he cares about me, he is proud of me - and they had with them a lesson that there are other things in this world that can bring me happiness without damaging my body! I bet he didn't know all these messages came with a small bouquet of tulips.

The other night we found ourselves awake at 2 am having a serious conversation about myself and my recovery and all the things that are surfacing in my mind. How I can't believe I lived so dangerously for so long, how lucky I am to be alive and how lucky I am for Scott to have stayed by my side! He spoke so seriously and told me how happy he was that I chose to quit drinking. It was a good moment. One of those moments that you have to steal at 2 am because there is no other time to have a serious conversation with little kids in the house :)

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