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Thursday, March 1, 2012


We discovered that our local skating rink is having a pretty good deal on Tuesday mornings for kids. Cheap admission, free rentals, open play in the play area and game tokens! All for $5 a person. Can't beat it! However, I still pay a price - sleep. It's during my sleep time. So we went 2 weeks in a row. I slept on the couch afterwards and it all worked out. I may have been tired when going to the skating rink, but once there I had SO much fun!! I used to skate every weekend when I was 12. What fun it is to skate in the pretty disco lights and listen to loud music. Brandon and Faith had a great time! You can imagine, it is not very busy on a Tuesday morning.

They have these great little helpers for kids learning how to skate. They typically charge $5 an hour to rent them (robbery) but they can be used for free on Tuesday mornings.

Here is a glimpse of our skating experience:

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