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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fall 2011 ~ Back to Blogging

I can not believe that I haven't blogged since July. I love my blog and I love blogging. I don't want to quit! Any small handful of readers I had are most likely gone now. But I don't blog for readers, ( I do LIKE having readers) I blog for myself. This is my journal.

I have fallen into a daily rut. Work my night shift, nap, lay around because my nap wasn't long enough, dinner, tv, nap again, back to work. Any internet access is on my phone. I am working on making some self improvements and blogging will help. I quit weight watchers because money has been an issue too. Now I have packed on 15 pounds and I am running out of pants that will fit me. (thats what happens when you lose weight, get excited, and give away all your clothes) So, I need to work on getting into shape and just being healthy over all. I have joined Celebrate Recovery to work on some other issues. (one other issue) I will go into more detail on that another time:) We had a wonderful summer of going to the pool, Kings Dominion, water parks and more. Now for some Fall highlights!

We went to Kings Dominion again in October to enjoy their Halloween festivities. Great fun for the kids and once the sun goes down, super scary fun for the adults! We might have persuaded the lil ones to go into one of the rated PG-13 haunted houses with us. Not to fear, they are not traumatized. (but they don't want to do it again)

My Bible Study group ~ Manassas Mom's Bible Study ~ has been going great! We just had a Fall party for the kids. They painted pumpkins and baked and decorated cookies. We all had so much fun!

And God Bless my friend who let the kids use flour and cookie dough all over her beautiful table!

Every Bible Study/Fellowship meeting we have is also a play date for the kids. The kids and I have made a lot of new friends.

And lets not forget all the Fall menu items at IHOP! Every year the kids can get their "scary face" pancakes and decorate them by themselves. Go to your nearest IHOP on October 28th and each kid will receive a free scary face pancake! We will be there:)

So far this Fall season, it has been really warm outside! I have had 2 fires in the fireplace when the temp went below 60. Scott laughs at me, but I LOVE to have a fire in the fireplace! I am looking forward to the next one... but I see more warm weather in the future. However, today seems to be a cool and windy day. Might have to build a fire and curl up next to it with a good book.


Angel said...

Hello! Thanks for commenting on my blog! I should blog again. It just takes time. The weight comes back so fast doesn't it? UGH! I am sipping a chai and will have to get ready for TOPS here in a few minutes. Then I am going to really get motivated. I think I am going to start a journal and every time I get tempted to eat when I don't need to or eat something I shouldn't I am going to journal one reason I want to lose weight. I have a million. And then I can also reread those reasons. Want me to make you a journal too? Miss you! Love ya! AND I saw on FB that you have a new bestie. :-(

Angel said...

P.S. I have been spending WAY too much time on Pinterest. Have you done any pinning yet?