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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Our Vacation:)

We had a nice time in Ocean City. It was nice to get away. The weather wasn't perfect and the resort was not as nice as the other places we have been, but I was happy just being some where else for a while. Away from work, house chores, and the sounds of the doorbell or door knocking 10 times a day. Scott, however, is some what of a home body and likes to be in his own bed, use his own toilet, use his own bath, etc... To be a nice relaxing vacation the resort has to have a better bed, bath, toilet, etc than home does. And well, this place did not. The water pressure was so low it took an hour for Scott to fill up the tub to take a bath. The bed hurt his back, the beach is not his "thing" and so on. I was also a little disappointed in the cleanliness of the room. Other people's things plus some trash was found tucked away in various drawers and cabinets. Ew. BUT the furniture was new and it was close to the beach. I would have been happy as a clam if I could just get every one else to be happy too. However, I could not make hubby happy enough to stay so we came home on Wed., 3 days early. We did have some great times while there. The kids loved the beach! They loved the sand, the ocean, the boardwalk, playgrounds and everything about the vacation. They were even happy in the resort playing video games. My best day was on a Monday when it was partly sunny outside and I got some time to myself on the beach, followed by great family time on the beach flying kites and building sand castles. I want Scott to totally plan our next trip to be one he will enjoy. I am happy just about any where as long as it means I get to stay the entire time!

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